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The myriad of sophisticated cybersecurity incidents in recent times drove President Biden to issue an Executive Order to send a long due wake up call. National Security Council cybersecurity adviser, Anne Neuberger, sent a letter to business leaders urging them by saying, "The threats are serious, and they are increasing. We urge you to take these critical steps to protect your organizations and the American public."
Organisations are vulnerable for their rich stores of intellectual property and presumed deep pockets, making it even more important to develop an implementation plan for a zero-trust architecture for their security. Zero trust protects the interior of the network and stops (or limits) viruses, malware, and ransomware attacks from spreading.
Join us to hear from security expert David Heath on the current security threat landscape and how you can address the new cybersecurity improvements in the Executive Order. Then David will show how you can limit cyber intrusions, mitigate the spread of viruses, and aid recovery for current and future threats.