Cell and gene therapies have the potential to cure the most complex rare diseases, but the development of these therapies is equally laden with complexity and challenges. Therapies take various development paths to become cell therapies, gene-modified cell therapies and gene therapies – all targeting DNA or RNA inside or outside the body.

But the complexity doesn’t stop at the development of therapies. After drug discovery, the manufacturing and distribution ecosystems, which are traditionally built for scale, must be customized for the unique characteristics of the therapies themselves. The supply chain must start with the science behind the therapy.

When we build supply chains for cell and gene therapies, there is no room for failure and no second chances. However, the logistical considerations are often one of the last decisions made during the setup of a clinical trial, as well as prior to commercialization.

In this Cell and Gene Therapy Supply Chain Think Tank, we challenge industry-wide participants to join us to rethink the delivery of personalized medicines. From sponsors to CROs, raw material providers to manufacturers, let’s reimagine the integrated value chain.

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October 14th, 2021 - 10 AM EST | Virtual Event